Armenia News Bulletin 04-15-11


  1. Aram Karapetyan says insecure people are not interested in relations between opposition forces
  2. Aram Karapetyan: EU trying to create “The United States of Caucasian Countries” in the region
  3. Analyst says mutual accusations aimed at increasing electorate
  4. ANC coordinator: The most preferable way is dialogue
  5. NKR MFA appeals to the international organizations for calling things by their proper names
  6. Attacks by Turkish and Azerbaijani hackers expected April 24
  7. Samvel Karapetyan says Azerbaijan enemy of civilization
  8. Analyst says no possibility of scenario of Arab countries in Armenia
  9. Turkologist: Erdogan is unrestrained political figure
  10. Naira Zohrabyan speaks about inhuman violence of Azerbaijan against Armenian prisoners
  11. Kiro Manoyan says Erdogan forgets about millions of Turks abandoning their country driven from need
  12. Davit Babayan: We are always ready to defend Artsakh’s freedom and independence
  13. Prime Minister: Armenia’s interests must not violate rights of Azerbaijan – Turkey’s fraternal country
  14. Expert: Economic factors exclude recognition of Genocide by Georgia
  15. After second checking of EFF and ECF Armenia will get $56 million
  16. Iraq’s biggest company wishes import products to Armenia
  17. Guillermo Tolosa: Tax reforms in Armenia go in right direction
  18. 25 thousand Iranians visit Armenia in March
  19. California State Assembly to Commemorate Armenian Genocide
  20. An anniversary honoring the 96th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
  21. AAA Calls on US Congressmen to Support Armenian Genocide Recognition
  22. “Bibliobus” heads to Kotayk
  23. Hovik Abrahamyan visits history museum of Armenia
  24. 14 applications for participation in journalism school
  25. Days of Francophonie in Yeghegnadzor
  26. Three Armenian lecturers were awarded with “Academic palm” medal
  27. MP: Stepanakert airport will operate
  28. National chess team of Armenia to partake in world team championship

Click here to download the PDF (73KB) of the latest AGBU Armenia News Bulletin.


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