Armenia News Bulletin 04-26-11


  1. Historian: The issue of Genocide must be compensation
  2. Analyst: Turkish political machine undertakes standard steps on the eve of April 24
  3. Artak Shakaryan says it is high time for the Armenian nation to be demanding about its claim
  4. Ruben Melkonyan says Armenian lobby does its best for Armenian Genocide recognition
  5. President of Armenia addresses the nation on the Genocide Remembrance Day
  6. Bako Sahakyan: The world should undoubtedly recognize and condemn the Armenian Genocide
  7. Barack Obama again betrayed his pledge to properly condemn and commemorate Armenian Genocide
  8. Tribute to the memory of victims of the Armenian Genocide
  9. Eduard Sharmazanov: Armenian Genocide is the shame of civilized humanity
  10. Swedish parliamentarians say Turkey must admit the crime it committed
  11. US Ambassador to Armenia: Obama has not changed his opinion over Genocide
  12. Razmik Zohrabyan: Recognition of Armenian Genocide necessary for preventing such crimes
  13. Armenian National Assembly calls on parliaments of the world to recognize and condemn the Armenian Genocide
  14. The Upper House of the parliament of Argentina adopted the statement condemning the Armenian Genocide
  15. Turkologist: No normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations expected
  16. Ombudsman wants to be a mediator in authorities-opposition relations
  17. Ramkavar Azatakan Party goes to elections alone
  18. Torch procession in the memory of the Armenian Genocide takes place in Tbilisi
  19. Armenian Genocide commemorated in Netherlands
  20. Events in Germany for commemoration of Armenian Genocide to go on
  21. March for Memory of Armenian Genocide in Paris
  22. St. Petersburg Armenian Community marks 96th anniversary of Armenian Genocide
  23. Events dedicated to the 96th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in Syria
  24. Events for Commemoration of Armenian Genocide to be held in Cyprus
  25. Armenian Genocide commemoration events in the USA
  26. “Live Gallery” exhibition on 96th anniversary of Armenian Genocide
  27. The results of the competition are known
  28. A film for each of us: Sunrise over Lake Van
  29. The bilingual book with the title “The Armenian Genocide: witness testimony of the survived people” by Verjine Svazlyan is published
  30. “Bibliobus” heads for Syunik
  31. Feast of Resurrection celebrated in Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin
  32. Hans Yochen Schmidt: It is necessary to know what happened and feel the responsibility
  33. Hrayr Karapetyan: recognition of the Genocide is the creation of compensation policy opportunity
  34. web site operates
  35. YSU rector says recognition of the Armenian Genocide to give moral and psychological satisfaction to Armenians
  36. Koryun Atoyan – rector of Armenian University of Economics
  37. Armenian Genocide Museum has a lot of visitors today
  38. 1000 young people from Artsakh visit Tsitsernakaberd
  39. Cooperation agreement to be signed between Yerevan and Ile-de-France
  40. Bruno Scapini says generations should be educated with remembrance of Armenian Genocide
  41. The ambassador of Turkey to the United States has criticized Obama
  42. Israel Charny: We must fight together for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide

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One response to “Armenia News Bulletin 04-26-11

  1. To the Editor,
    I want to thank AGBU publishing department to have me on your email listing,keep them coming. I wish someone will make a point in addressing the word “Meds Yeghern” which has been commonly used in Armenia. I believe Meds Yeghern has only been used in Armenia. I and most if not all diaspora Armenians have not heard this word. The word is “Genoside” look in the Armenian English diaspora dictionary printed in 1987 in Beirut. No wonder President Obama took advantage of the word Meds Yeghern and uses it constantly. I don’t blame him, since Armenians in Armenia have been brain washed by some certain individuals in the past, to avoid the word genoside. I frankly thing it is time for Armenia to drop the word Meds Yeghern from their dictionary abd replace it with the proper word “Genoside”

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