Thoughts from a Yerevan Summer Intern, Lara Markarian

Lara Markarian interning at UNDP in Yerevan, Armenia. (via

Below is an excerpt from Yerevan Summer Intern Program (YSIP) participant Lara Markarian’s blog update on her first week in Armenia. Lara reflects on the first day at her assigned internship:

 On Monday morning, I started my internship at the UNDP in Armenia! … Aline and Anna (our internship coordinator and activities coordinator) accompanied each of the interns to work just in case there were any problems … I was actually more nervous than I typically am for this sort of thing because I have trouble understanding Eastern Armenian and I didn’t know what to expect. As it turns out, my supervisor Armen Baibourtian (who happens to be the Senior Advisor to the UN Resident Coordinator of Armenia) hadn’t yet arrived at work so we waited about 30 minutes for someone to be sent down to get me. At this point, while I was entering through the gates, an Armenian woman who had been standing in line to the side of the gate pushed me and said in Armenian to the guard “but I was in line first.” Later, I found out that the line of people that were waiting outside the gates were Armenian refugees who were trying to speak to representatives at the UNHCR.

Read Lara’s full blog post, with photos included, here.


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