Armenia News Bulletin 07-15-11


  1. A cultural event takes place in Paris with the participation of artists and musicians from Gyumri
  2. Serzh Sargsyan: At least one opportunity of resolution to the conflict is lost
  3. Georgy Petrosyan dismissed from the office of NKR Foreign Minister
  4. Tigran Seyranyan is appointed Armenia’s Ambassador to the Czech Republic
  5. Central Electoral Commission members appointed
  6. John Heffern fails to use the word genocide
  7. Safrastyan: Turkey continues displaying stubbornness in Armenian-Turkish relations
  8. Safrastyan: the US public does not deny the fact of Genocide
  9. Chairman of the CEC says voter must understand the real value of the ballot
  10. L. Alaverdyan thinks that only the authorities will benefit from the dialogue with ANC
  11. Dilijan prospers as a tourism town
  12. Vache Gabrielyan says Forbess results because of 2009 indices
  13. PM hopes Dilijan to become financial center
  14. Agreement on creation of free economic zone in area of Zvartnots airport
  15. Harut Sassounian: Armenians Must Counter UN Security Council Bids by Turkey and Azerbaijan By Harut Sassounian, Publisher, The California Courier
  16. One-day schools to be created in Diaspora
  17. Heads of Diaspora establishments to meet in Armenia
  18. Hranush Hakobyan says in several parts of Diaspora mixed marriages increase
  19. Donations to Shushi and Yerevan
  20. The educational, cultural issues of the Armenian community in Australia are discussed
  21. Program of training of Diaspora Armenian teachers kicks off in Yerevan
  22. The opening ceremony of the 3rd phase of “Ari Tun” program of the RA Ministry of Diaspora takes place
  23. Harut Sassounian: Prof. Akcam Reveals Turkish Plan to Pay Scholars to Deny the Armenian Genocide By Harut Sassounian, Publisher, The California Courier
  24. Armen Hayrapetyan deputy minister of diaspora
  25. Martiros Saryan’s “Persia” being restored
  26. Presentation of Manuel Adamian’s book “Plays” takes place on the initiation of the RA Ministry of Diaspora
  27. Golden Apricot Yerevan 8th International Film Festival kicks off
  28. Armenian-Turkish film platform opens
  29. Shahen Shahinyan: Rector who will preserve traditions of Conservatoire will manage to head the establishment
  30. Jazz King festival dedicated to jazz-musician Georgi Garanyan
  31. Fanny Ardant to take part in Golden Apricot International Film Festival
  32. Armenia to participate in international book fair in Beijing
  33. Serge Avedikian to play the leading role in Parajanov
  34. Braden King: Armenian Genocide is a deep wound but not deadly
  35. Georgian Parliament grants legal status to the Armenian Apostolic Church
  36. Vatican to publish documents on Genocide
  37. International school of Dilijan to operate from 2013
  38. The Armenian Youth Foundation gives awards to the winners titled “We paint the life” program
  39. Vladimir Movsisyan: The rise of the level of the Lake Sevan is everybody’s great achievement
  40. President of the Artsakh Republic Bako Sahakyan considered successful the Turpanjian rural development
  41. “Hawk” Pan-Armenian gathering to be conducted in new format
  42. The trust toward Internet mass media increases
  43. Samvel Karapetyan: While carrying out restoration works it is necessary to stay close to roots
  44. Tigran Sargsyan says Armenian universities must pass international accreditation
  45. EU to allocate 400 million euros to Armenia for fighting against trafficking in children
  46. Civil Society Organizations Fight Corruption in Armenia

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