Armenia News Bulletin 09-16-11


  1. Karen Karapetyan resigns
  2. Foreign Minister of Uruguay: NK is the historical part of Armenia and must be independent
  3. Chairman of Central Electoral Commission dies
  4. Vardan Ayvazyan it is wrong to speak in a language of preconditions
  5. Hovik Abrahamyan says there is no controversy inside the coalition
  6. Eduard Sharmazanov: NK conflict has one solution: international recognition of Artsakh Republic
  7. Armenian Armed forces destroy Azerbaijani pilotless spying device
  8. Melikyan believes authorities-ANC dialogue to resume soon
  9. Serzh Sargsyan: RA citizen is the main achievement of independence
  10. Armenia undertakes steps for the regulation of balance and budget deficit
  11. Vache Gabrielyan: Changes in the direction of improvement of business environment are apparent
  12. Pan-Armenian gathering of heads and representatives of Diaspora organizations Sept 19-21
  13. Fifth Yerevan international music festival launches
  14. Victor Vasarely. Optical perspectives exhibition to open at the Cafesjian Center for the Arts
  15. Exhibitions dedicated to 20th anniversary of RA Independence opens in History Museum
  16. ReAnimania animation film festival launches
  17. Pan-Armenian exhibition dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Armenia’s independence opens
  18. Charles Aznavour house-museum to open in October
  19. 15 museums to be reconstructed in 2012
  20. Serzh Sargsyan receives delegation of participants of Funding of Higher Education international conference
  21. Yerevan to welcome upcoming celebrations with grand illumination
  22. Tigran Sargsyan: Festive mood of 20th anniversary of Armenia’s independence must be spread in the whole republic

Click here to download the PDF (69KB) of the latest AGBU Armenia News Bulletin.


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