Armenia News Bulletin 10-07-11


  1. AGBU celebrates 20th anniversary of Armenia’s independence
  2. Tigran Sargsyan: AUA must be expanded
  3. President of France arrives in Yerevan
  4. Nicolas Sarkozy pays a tribute of honor to victims of Armenian Genocide
  5. If Turkey does not recognize Armenian Genocide by the end of the year, France will adopt Bill Criminalizing Genocide Denial
  6. Armenian and French Presidents visit Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin
  7. Nikolas Sarkozy hopes Turkey to recognize Armenian Genocide during his presidency
  8. Armenian Genocide Memorial reminded Sarkozy Jewish Holocaust Museum
  9. France does not see Turkey in the EU
  10. President of France wraps up his state visit to Armenia
  11. Statue by Auguste Rodin opens at the France Square
  12. Charles Aznavour’s house museum ceremonially opens
  13. Nicolas Sarkozy awarded Order of Glory
  14. Vardan Bostanjyan: Armenia’s internal political life is stable
  15. Vahan Hovhannisyan: Turkey tries to keep Armenia in a state of hostage
  16. Mher Shahgeldyan: In RA Presidents speech the most important issue was the position toward NK issue
  17. Jochen Mangelsen: NK will not be returned to Azerbaijan
  18. The coalition to discuss whether to resume dialogue with the ANC or not
  19. Serzh Sargsyan: Armenian-French friendship is anchored on spiritual and cultural commonalities
  20. Ruben Tovmasyan says ANCs political activity not desirable in the current social conditions
  21. Lebanese parliament speaker hopes NK issue to soon be settled
  22. Czech FM: Opening of the Armenian Embassy in Czechia to serve as important impetus for the development of bilateral ties
  23. Coalition not to resume talks with ANC
  24. Development of Armenian-Lebanese relations discussed
  25. Ruben Safrastyan: No progress in NK conflict settlement till midst of 2012
  26. Analyst: Return of Armenian-Turkish protocols to parliament is of propagating nature
  27. Tigran Sargsyan: Armenia has a huge potential for development of tourism
  28. Armenia and Artsakh to participate in international tourism exhibition in Italy
  29. Economy Minister believes double digit economic growth to be registered in all the spheres by the end of the year
  30. Delegation of young people from the Diaspora arrived in Artsakh at the “Depi Hayk” (“Birthright Armenia”) foundation’s initiative
  31. Serzh Sargsyan meets with Mayor of Paris and representatives of Armenian community of France
  32. 85th anniversary of Armenian State Philharmonic Orchestra to be celebrated
  33. Armenian distinguished composers in Gyumri
  34. “Web Apricot” pan-Armenian film festival will be launched on November 15
  35. Winners of “Book Art” republican and international contests awarded
  36. “Twenty Songs to Twenty-Year-Old Armenia”: Elodie Frege congratulates on behalf of France
  37. Vanush Khanamiryan passed away
  38. “Nairi” cinema to reopen Oct 8
  39. Help remote schools of Artsakh program launched
  40. Tour of picturesque sites of Yerevan for older persons
  41. Census to launch October 12 in the republic
  42. Turkish Education Ministry accused of “giving Ararat to Armenians”
  43. New arrival hall of “Zvartnots” airport receives first passengers
  44. Sociologist says Kocharyan’s rating to be low

Click here to download the PDF (107KB) of the latest AGBU Armenia News Bulletin.


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