Fresno Chapter Takes Part in “Walk of Life” Walkathon

The following is excerpted from the Armenian Reporter‘s extensive article on the Walk of Life walkathon [emphasis ours]:

LOS ANGELES – For the first time in its history, the Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry (ABMDR) held a Walk of Life event in Fresno, California on October 15, in addition to its annual walkathon in Los Angeles on October 22. The Walks were attended by large numbers of supporters from throughout the Armenian community as well as several elected officials. Both events received extensive media coverage.

Walk of Life 2011 kicked off on the morning of October 15 at Fresno’s Eaton Plaza Amphitheater, as teams of supporters from various local organizations gathered to take part in the event. The teams represented the AGBU Fresno Chapter (led by chairperson Zaroohi Der Mugrdechian), the ANC of Fresno (led by chairperson Hygo Ohanessian), the ARS Fresno Mayr Chapter (led by chairperson Angele Ohanessian), the AYF Fresno Kevork Chavoush Chapter (led by chairperson Rita Costanian), and the Fresno State Armenian Students Association (led by Vartush Mesropyan).


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