Nubar Kids Presents Fall Into Fun

Nubar kids on the farm.

Last month, Nubar Kids presented a day of apple and pumpkin picking, tractor rides, hay rides, and other fun activities for children and their parents. The youngest child was 10 months old, while the oldest was 5 years old. The outing was held at Stuart’s Farm in Granite Springs, New York.

Nubar kids at the pumpkin patch.

Two of the newest Nubar kids meeting for the first time!

Nubar Kids offers a way for alumni and friends of Camp Nubar with young children (0-8 years old) to gather together through special events. The activities provide a venue for young children to interact with other young Armenians in unique settings as well as an opportunity for alumni parents and friends to connect with one another. Nubar Kids are future campers of Camp Nubar, and children are encouraged to join this group of “Campers-In-Training” to become more at ease with the notion of one day heading off to Camp Nubar with their friends.

For more information about Nubar Kids, please email jishkanian [at] agbu [dot] org.


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