Armenia News Bulletin 12-13-11


  1. Better mobility between Armenia and EU discussed
  2. There is no political crisis in Armenia so that government resigns
  3. ARF’s initiative not backed by the parliament
  4. Armenian President attends opening of Armenian Consulate General in Marseilles
  5. President of Lebanon arrives in Armenia
  6. Heritage Party accepts EPP mandate
  7. President of Lebanon wishes Armenia find its perfect integrity
  8. RA President says attempts of Azerbaijan to present NK issue in religious coloring senseless
  9. RA President’s speech in Marseille causes shock in Turkey
  10. Raffi Hovhannissyan believes Armenia is on the threshold of big changes
  11. RA President’s visit to Italy kicks off
  12. Serzh Sargsyan is in Italy on a working visit
  13. Serzh Sargsyan to meet Mayor of Rome and President of Italian Chamber of Deputies
  14. British companies interested in making investments in Armenia
  15. Armenia and Lebanon to reinforce economic ties
  16. President of Armenia urges Armenians of France return to Homeland
  17. Philharmonic Orchestra faces serious financial challenges
  18. Charles Aznavour to present “Aznavour Toujours” new album in Kremlin
  19. Documentary film on NK issue presented in Prague
  20. Italy to be moved to Yerevan
  21. 23 years after devastating earthquake: still remembered, still mourned
  22. Poorest community of the country has a new kindergarten and medical center
  23. Capital to mark New Year in unimaginable light

Click here to download the PDF (69KB) of the latest AGBU Armenia News Bulletin.


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