AGBU-AYA Glendale/Pasadena Scouts Hold Winter Award Ceremony

Parents and supporters numbering in the hundreds gathered at the AGBU Vatche & Tamar Manoukian Center in Pasadena on February 11, 2012, for the AGBU-AYA Glendale/Pasadena Scouts Troop’s annual Winter Award Ceremony. Led by the Glendale/Pasadena Chapter’s newly formed marching band, the scouts marched into the center’s gymnasium to begin with the traditional flag ceremony.

According to international scouting rules, the highest award for males is the Eagle Scout Award and the Gold Award for females, and the troop was proud to recognize four leaders for their achievements. Special congratulatory awards – signed by AGBU president Berge Setrakian – were presented by AGBU Glendale/Pasadena chairman Shahe Seuylemezian to Noubar Guiragossian and Arman Seuylemezian (Eagle Scout Awards), and Mireille Keuroghlian and Karine Yeterian (Gold Awards). “We are very proud of our scout leaders for their dedication, enthusiasm and devotion. I am witness to their unyielding weekly commitment as I see the immense progress they have achieved,” said Seuylemezian. “Along with instilling in them the principles of scouting, they are inspiring our scouts to become exemplary future leaders to benefit both our great organization and our nation.”

Scouting award ceremonies take place twice a year – one at the close of the annual summer camp and one in the winter. The participating youth are commended for their dedication and presented with special honors and recognitions for accomplishments achieved throughout the year. Advancements are also marked for scouts who move up ranks. The AGBU Glendale/Pasadena Scout Troop now has a record number of 150 scouts and 15 leaders. The youngest scout is six years old.


One response to “AGBU-AYA Glendale/Pasadena Scouts Hold Winter Award Ceremony

  1. Knar Sarkisian

    Very proud of such an Armenian Scout in USA, all the luck……

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