AGBU Co-Sponsors a Series of Book Launch Events in North America for Professor Vahakn N. Dadrian

The author and professor, Vahakn Dadrian, signing copies of his book, "Judgment at Istanbul: The Armenian Genocide Trials."

Audience members at the AGBU Toronto Centre.

AGBU Montreal and Toronto recently held two presentations at their respective centers promoting the new book by world-renowned Genocide expert  Vahakn Dadrian, entitled, “Judgment at Istanbul: The Armenian Genocide Trials,” which he co-authored with fellow scholar and author Taner Akçam, who is of Turkish descent. On February 1, 2012, AGBU Montreal — together with various Armenian organizations of Montreal and the Zoryan Institute of Canada — hosted a lecture by Professor Dadrian at its Center, with over 200 people in attendance. The discussion focused on the significance and criminal prosecution of the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide, as well as the process of gathering information for the significant publication, which took over a decade to put together. “Judgment at Istanbul” marks the first complete known documentation of the Ottoman Special Military Tribunal, which took place after World War I, and the trial proceedings that showed the genocidal intent by Turkish leaders against their Armenian citizens.  Following a series of questions asked by audience members, the author signed books for the attendees. All copies were sold out by the end of the evening.

On February 10, AGBU Toronto and AGBU’s Young Professionals (YP) of Toronto — in partnership with the Zoryan Institute and a group of local organizations — hosted a similar lecture by Professor Dadrian at its Toronto Center.  Close to 250 people listened as George Shirinian, the executive director of the Zoryan Institute, introduced the author. Also present was the Ambassador of Armenia, His Excellency Armen Yeganian. As Dadrian continued this promotional tour, AGBU Ararat also co-sponsored a lecture on March 9, 2012, in New Jersey.


2 responses to “AGBU Co-Sponsors a Series of Book Launch Events in North America for Professor Vahakn N. Dadrian

  1. Any book on the Armenian Genocide should be appreciate
    as it is written by sweat and blood
    Remembering our lost artful innocent populace …
    If they had lived and created…
    We would been the most Artful Nation on this Earth…!

    I don’t want to advertise my poetry collections which I started just recently…
    Having no time before…
    Because my aim is not to advertise
    But people of this Universe must know about our Genocide…
    So they feel and prevent…

    My book ” My Son -My Sun: Chants Ann, Obama’s Mother”
    The heading is completely different…different than what I intended to say …
    I wanted to say, If President Obama’s mother, Ann was still alive…
    She will advice and insist for her son to recognize our genocide.”
    So all 236 condensed pages with verses are dedicated for our genocide…!

  2. I have written about Vahakn Dadrian book in my poetry collection
    ” A Poetic Soul Shined of Genocides”

    Books on the Armenian Genocide by the following authors:

    Henry Morgen Thou Sr., ” The murder of a Nation”
    Viscount Bryce: “The Treatment of Armenian (first edition published
    in London in 1916)”
    Merrill D. Peterson: “Starving Armenians”
    Donald Miller and Lorna Touryan-Miller: “Survivors:An Oral History
    of Armenian Genocide”
    Taner Akcam: “A Shameful Act: Armenian Genocide and the Question
    of Turkish Responsibility”
    Adam Bagdasarian: “The forgotten Fire”
    Guenter Lewy: “The Armenian Massacres in Ottoman Turkey”
    James L. Barton and Ara Sarafian: “Turkish Atrocities”
    Robert Melson: “Revolution and Genocide:
    On the Origin of the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust”
    Yari Auren: “Banality and Denial”: Israel and the Armenian Genocide
    Donald Bloxham: “The Great Game of Genocide”:
    Imperialism, Nationalism, and the Destruction of Ottoman Armenian

    Vahakn Dadrian: The History of Armenian Genocide
    And the most recent one
    “Judgment at Istanbul”*****

    Richard Hovannisian: “The Armenian Genocide”
    Peter Balakian: “The Burning of Tigris”: The Armenian Genocide
    and the American’s Response
    G. S. Graber: “Caravans to Oblivion”
    Samantha Power: “A Problem from Hell”: America and Age of Genocide Margret Ajemian Ahnert: “The Knock at the Door”: The Journey Through
    the Darkness of the Armenian Genocide

    Mae Derdarian: “Vergeen”: A survivor of the Armenian Genocide

    Sylva Portoian: “A Poetic Soul Shined of Genocides”, 2008
    “My Son-My Sun: Chants Ann, Obamas Mother”, 2011

    Note : If some know more names let them add…On the list…

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