World Games Committee Hosts Volunteer Kick-Off Event in Preparation for Summer 2012

A volunteer kick-off breakfast and gathering took place on April 15, 2012, in preparation for the upcoming AGBU Summer World Games at the AGBU Vatche and Tamar Manoukian Center in Pasadena. Hosted by the AGBU World Games Committee, the morning event brought together nearly 100 people, who all showed great interest in a variety of volunteer positions for this summer. AGBU World Games Committee chairman Shahe Sueylemezian welcomed attendees and informed them about not only the various opportunities available within subcommittees, but also how each task they took on would help ensure the success of this large-scale undertaking. The main committee has already been working tirelessly since last year.

The organization’s Southern California chapters are thrilled to announce that this year’s AGBU World Games will be taking place in Los Angeles, California, from July 28 to August 5, 2012. The committee is getting ready to welcome thousands of guests and athletes from around the world. Numerous AGBU cities are expected to participate including those from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Egypt, France, Lebanon, Uruguay, USA and more. Since 1955, the AGBU World Games have brought together thousands of youth from all over the world to engage in sporting competitions and create lifelong bonds. Over the years, the endeavor has been held in numerous major cities, such as Beirut, Buenos Aires, Geneva, Sofia, Los Angeles, Paris and Sydney. The previous World Games was held in 2008 in Montevideo, Uruguay.

In addition to the athletic competitions, the organizing committee is working diligently on a series of social events designed to provide all participants the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of Southern California, as well as the chance for the organization’s global youth to meet, congregate and share outlooks. The Committee is aiming to make the 2012 World Games one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences thus far. Along with the participating athletes, the presence of AGBU members, family, friends, and general guests are welcomed and strongly encouraged. For more information on the AGBU 2012 World Games, please visit: .


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