Presentation at Duke University Sparks Interest in AGBU

Students, professors, and professionals gather for the event at the International House of Duke University, including, Dr. Edward Tiryakian (center), grandson of AGBU founding member Yervant Agathon, his son Edmund C. Tiryakian (third from right), and event organizers Hrachya Topalyan (fifth from left) and Diana Khachaturyan (second from right).

Earlier this month, a group of thirty students and scholars from Duke University, North Carolina University and North Carolina Central University, along with professionals representing various fields, gathered at the International House of Duke University in Durham for a special presentation on AGBU’s programs. The event was organized by graduate students at Duke – Hrachya Topalyan and Diana Khachaturyan – who became very enthusiastic about AGBU’s mission after a visit to the organization’s Central Office in New York City.

Through an online conference, AGBU Young Professionals Liaison Kim Yacoubian delivered a comprehensive overview of AGBU and its many programs. Attendees were also fortunate to learn more about the history of AGBU from special guest Dr. Edward Tiryakian whose family played a highly prominent and substantial role in founding the organization. Tiryakian is the grandson of Yervant Agathon, one of AGBU’s founding members who was a driving force behind the organization, serving as the AGBU Central Board’s first Vice President and initiating agriculture and construction projects that brought much needed development to Armenia over a century ago.

The presentation, which was held on May 6, 2012, was followed by a reception and an interactive Q&A session, where many showed interest in becoming more involved with AGBU in the future.


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