Tickets on Sale Now for AGBU’S New York Summer Internship Program 25th Anniversary Gala

Generations of alumni from AGBU’s prestigious New York Summer Internship Program (NYSIP) will reunite on Saturday, July 21, 2012, to celebrate the program’s 25th anniversary at a special gala evening. The much anticipated event will give former NYSIP participants the opportunity to both reconnect and acknowledge the various individuals, who, over the years, have shaped the program and given it a reputation for excellence.

To date, NYSIP has produced over 800 alumni who have risen to the top of their fields, owing to the solid foundation they laid and valuable contacts they cultivated through the program. While participants are now established in various industries in different cities, during their two months living together in New York they formed a lasting bond. The celebration’s venue, Battery Gardens, which sits on the New York Harbor with iconic views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, is the ideal site for alumni to reminisce about summers spent exploring the city, and to bring each other up to date on all that has happened since.

Throughout the evening, NYSIP will pay tribute to those who have played a key role in developing the program. The honorees have carried on a strong tradition that was first envisioned by NYSIP founders Vartkess† and Rita Balian, who sought to provide university students of Armenian descent with professional experience and to create a global network of young leaders. After the couple established the program in 1987, it quickly took off and has not lost momentum since. Today, NYSIP enjoys strong relationships with over two hundred host institutions, and is supported in large part through gifts by donors who believe in the program’s valuable mission.

The celebration is one of two events being organized by the NYSIP anniversary committee that same weekend, and all are welcome to attend. On Friday, July 20, the AGBU Young Professionals of Greater New York will co-host an evening mixer. Tickets for the Saturday gala are now on sale for $175 and tickets for the mixer are available for $25. Both can be purchased via, where information about accommodations at the W Hotel – Union Square is also available.


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