Back to Back Cultural Events Mark Another Day Before the AGBU General Assembly Convention

Day five of the week leading up to AGBU’s 87th General Assembly in Yerevan proved to be one of the most eventful – and emotional – yet. This morning, a procession of AGBU delegates led by AGBU President Berge Setrakian arrived at the city’s Dzidzernagapert memorial. Together, the representatives encircled the eternal flame, laying flowers alongside it as they paid their respects to the countless victims of the Armenian Genocide. They then continued to tour the adjacent museum, where they reviewed exhibits that document the horrific atrocities of the Armenian Genocide and tell inspiring stories of survival.

Later in the day, AGBU supporters attended the grand opening of AGBU Hye Geen’s newest Pregnant Women’s Center, after getting a sneak preview of the new AGBU Yerevan headquarters, which is currently under construction. After a mid-afternoon break, the group departed for the AGBU Nork Children’s Center, where singing, dancing, and acrobatic performances caused everyone to break out into cheers and applause. After the sun set, the talents of more youth were showcased at the TUMO Center – the media institute initiated by AGBU Central Board member Sam Simonian – with an open-air concert featuring the TUMOrchestra and the hit rock band, Dorians. More photos and clips from the show are on their way!


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