AGBU Blogs

AGBU has a growing community of blogs, below please find a complete listing of blogs in the AGBU world.


  • AGBU EUROPE ( – A bilingual blog (English & French) that posts the latest news from the European chapters, committees and entities.
  • AGBU YEREVAN SUMMER INTERN PROGRAM ( – The organization’s newest Intern Program that will keep you abreast of the latest goings-on in Armenia’s capital. More info on YSIP.
  • AGBU SUMMER CAMP IN FRANCE ( – For over two decades, AGBU’s Summer Camp in France has offered students a venue for Armenian students to get away from the city and celebrate their heritage. For more information, visit the main UGAB France website.

North America

South America

Southwest Asia/Middle East

  • AGBU AYA-DAMASCUS BLOG ( – The virtual press office of AGBU’s Armenian Youth Association (AYA) of Damascus.

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